Trivia & Music Bingo

Get ready to challenge your mind!

Kenny LOVES trivia… and music! He and a few of his fellow trivia lovers hosted many SpeedQuizzing Live events and Music Bingo at your local pub in the before times. During the pandemic, he had to figure out a way to get his trivia fix – so now he hosts virtual trivia shows every Monday! And now that the world is opening up a bit, he is back at several pubs in southeast Michigan.

Virtual Speedquizzing and Music Bingo can be played virtually throughout the world! Kenny’s hosts a FREE SpeedQuizzing show every Monday. Pick a team name, join a show, and show everyone what you know! Click HERE to find and register for an upcoming event.

Are you interested in a SpeedQuizzing or Music Bingo event at your next virtual or in person office party or family night?

Private trivia events and Music Bingo are a great way to stay connected with colleagues and family! Kenny can provide custom email invitations, Facebook event invitations for your group, and help you create company or family specific trivia questions (i.e. Friends, Marvel Comics, Movies, Music, etc). Reach out to him today to see how he can add some fun at your next meeting or party.

Kenny Privett Productions is hosting SpeedQuizzing and Music Bingo shows at the below locations each week:

  • Jameson’s Irish Pub – Brighton, MI – SpeedQuizzing Tuesdays @ 7:30p – Danielle M. hosting
  • Cozy Inn – Brighton, MI – SpeedQuizzing on Tuesdays @ 7:30p – Kenny P. hosting
  • Legends Bar and Grill – Fenton, MI – Music Bingo on Wednesdays @ 7:30p – TBD hosting
  • Hell Saloon – Hell, MI – Music Bingo on Wednesdays @ 7:30p – Kenny P. hosting (Beginning June 9)
  • Stout Irish Pub – Brighton, MI – SpeedQuizzing – Thursdays @ 8:00p – Kenny P. hosting
  • Lu & Carl’s – Brighton, MI – SpeedQuizzing Sundays @ 8:00p – Danielle M. hosting (Beginning June 6)

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