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Meet Kenny

Kenny Privett is a professional entertainer with over 20 years of experience as a wedding and event DJ and MC. Over the last 10 years he has developed a taste for trivia and hosts events in restaurants, bars, and provides entertainment for private/corporate events.

Due to the pandemic, Kenny switched to a hybrid approach and now offers both in person and virtual trivia events for individuals, businesses, and non-profit fundraising events via zoom. Navigating the virtual world can be difficult – Kenny wants to help others connect and have fun – no matter where they are!

The pandemic has been a difficult time for many. Although I live in Kansas, I benefited immensely from watching some “virtual” events happening in Michigan—musical performances, trivia w/ my pal Ken, etc. A compassionate, professional, and enjoyable group of talented individuals. Highly recommended!

-Zachary B.

VIP award goes to Kenny! After going to over 15+ weddings in the past couple years, I knew what I was looking for in my wedding DJ. Kenny checked off all the boxes. He is a FUN and truly talented entertainer. He helped everything go off without a hitch & rolled with unexpected changes that popped up on the fly, like my FIL deciding the day of to surprise us with a speech! He knew how to make the most use out of the space to ensure everyone could hear the speeches & festivities and offered advice during the planning stages that really helped us out. His tech is top-notch too. We were referred to him by a family friend & he exceeded our expectations. Thank you Kenny!

-Allison K.